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John Tory Discusses His Vision for Toronto

September 11, 2022
John Tory Discusses His Vision for Toronto, Vows to Keep Taxes Low and Get Big Things Done

Today, Mayor John Tory outlined his vision for the future of Toronto and committed to keeping taxes low for Torontonians in the face of economic uncertainty if re-elected on October 24. 

Speaking to a packed town hall, the Mayor highlighted the city’s success over the past eight years due to his strong, focused leadership and ability to work collaboratively with other governments and City Council. 

The Mayor has a proven track record on getting big things done, including:

  • Securing a historic, $28 billion transit plan that will constitute the largest transit expansion in North America in over a decade.
  • Securing billions from the Government of Canada to get thousands more affordable and supportive homes built. 
  • Maintaining his promise to Torontonians over the past eight years to keep tax increases at or below the rate of inflation. 

Toronto, like all big cities around the world, is facing tough economic challenges as a result of the pandemic. This, coupled with inflation and rising interest rates, has many worried about affordability. The Mayor made clear that he understands the financial pressure Torontonians are facing and committed to protecting affordability for residents by keeping tax increases below the rate of inflation.

These economic challenges have also impacted the City of Toronto’s budget, which is projecting more than a $1 billion shortfall next year. The Mayor is confident he can lead the city through this challenging time, protecting frontline services while keeping tax increases below the rate of inflation.  

“It’s going to take someone with experience to lead the city through these challenging economic times. There won’t be any easy answers because we can’t raise taxes sky high, and we can’t slash services,” said Mayor Tory. “It will take an even greater focus on finding smarter ways of doing things within the City government. This means making sure the City services Torontonians count on are delivered with an emphasis on good quality and value for money, using every tool we have in the 21st century.”

Reflecting on the pandemic, the Mayor acknowledged it was one of the greatest challenges in the city’s history, and spoke about his record providing strong and focused leadership. The solid foundation built before the pandemic, and the Mayor’s leadership during, has positioned Toronto well for a strong economic recovery that is already underway. 

The Mayor spoke of how he will measure success over the next four years - by having transit on track, housing being built faster than ever before, a booming economy and low taxes, and an excellent level of service provided by the city. With all Torontonians, including vulnerable residents and those in marginalized communities, able to feel a real sense of progress, hope and inclusion. 

Mayor Tory is the only candidate that has earned the trust to do this in a way that protects people, services and affordability. The Mayor has proven his commitment to working for Torontonians and if honoured with another term will build upon the progress the city has made to ensure Toronto is stronger than ever.