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September 8, 2022
Lights, Camera, Jobs! Mayor Tory Doubles Down on Continued Support for Film, Television and Digital Media Industry with $1 Billion Growth Target, Creating 20,000 New Jobs

Today Mayor Tory celebrated the start of the Toronto International Film Festival’s (TIFF) 47th year by reiterating his steadfast support for the film, television, and digital media industry and announcing his 2022 re-election campaign targets to grow the industry by $1 billion and support 20,000 new workers.

“I’ve made the growth and success of this tremendously important industry a priority during my two terms as Mayor and firmly believe the film, television and digital media industry will continue to play an important role in economic recovery for our city,” said Mayor Tory. “If given the privilege of serving a third term, I am committed to making the most of our historic momentum and continuing to expand the industry and jobs right across the city.” 

Under the Mayor’s leadership, Toronto set a record of more than $2.5 billion in screen sector investment last year. The Mayor intends to grow the industry by an additional $1 billion and support 20,000 new workers with low barrier entry points to sustainable, creative careers. These growth targets will be enabled by focusing on four priority areas:  

  1. Ensure planned film production infrastructure growth comes to fruition
  2. Continue to emphasize attracting and training new, diverse talent
  3. Harness sustainable innovation and technology to continue ‘greening’ the industry
  4. Bolster Torontonians’ pride in having a bustling, creative industry that reflects the global nature of the city

“Year after year TIFF reminds us of the power of homegrown and international storytelling, and plays a particularly important role in bringing the city together, to share our stories, human experiences, and points of view,” said Mayor Tory. “Beyond the social and cultural contributions to our city, TIFF makes an economic contribution that has an even greater impact than the festival itself every year. As a result, over the past 47 years TIFF has propelled Toronto into becoming one of the largest film and production hubs in North America.”

Mayor Tory has promoted Toronto’s film, television, and digital media industry on the global stage. As a result, the past eight years have been characterized by growth in production, increased investment and job creation. 

  • Growth: In the midst of the pandemic, Toronto experienced growth in the film and production industry in all categories and physical production infrastructure is set to expand by 63 percent in the next five years.
  • Jobs: Toronto has scaled initiatives to attract new participants to work in the industry, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Today over 35,000 Torontonians are working in the industry with over 10,000 new jobs being created in the next 5 years.
  • Investment: Under Mayor Tory’s leadership, Toronto experienced a historic increase in direct investment within the sector. In 2021, total investment exceeded $2.5 billion, up significantly from $1.23 billion when he took office in 2014 and up almost 14 percent from 2019 pre-pandemic. 

“TIFF is a wonderful way to celebrate our film, television and digital media industry at home, yet on an international stage. I will always be a champion for the industry, and remain fully committed to ensuring its continued growth, creating more job opportunities for Torontonians and positively managing its footprint in all city neighbourhoods.”


“John Tory has been an extraordinary champion of Toronto’s film and television industry.  He has been instrumental in supporting our industry to meet increasing content demands by growing studio infrastructure and expanding the workforce.  His actions continually support the success and growth of Toronto as one of the pre-eminent creative forces on the global stage of film and television production.”

  • Ashley Rice, Co-Managing Partner and President of Cinespace Studios

“NABET 700-M UNIFOR appreciates the commitment Mayor Tory has shown the film, television and digital media industry in Toronto, before, during, and as we come out of COVID-19. The growth our sector has experienced over the last few years has been a result of all industry partners coming together, with the Mayor and Council, through the Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Board, to ensure that Toronto is a home for domestic production as well as service production. We at NABET 700-M UNIFOR share this goal and look forward to working with all levels of government in order to provide opportunities to anyone who seeks to establish a career in this amazing industry, in this fantastic city.”

  • Jayson Mosek, Business Agent, NABET 700-M UNIFOR

"Toronto has seen record growth in film and television production under Mayor John Tory. He has been instrumental in championing Toronto's screen sector globally, in building the city's world-famous film culture through his support of organizations like TIFF, and in attracting international investment."

  • Jeffrey Remedois, Chair of the Board, Toronto International Film Festival 

“Mayor Tory committed to growing the film industry in Toronto and through his continued leadership there has been a dramatic increase in not only new apprenticeships and job opportunities, but also the creation of high-quality studio facilities and studio expansion. His leadership and support over many years allowed for the implementation of programs critical to the current success of our industry. Our studio and the new film technicians working within it are an example of that success.”

  • Jonathan Ahee, President, Stratagem Studios

“Mayor Tory’s unwavering commitment is clearly evidenced by the significant growth in our industry over the past 8 years. With his missions to the film capital of the world – Los Angeles - he’s been able to double down on his commitment and reinforce Toronto as a film and TV hub internationally. He has created a marketplace of collaboration by engaging Industry and government leaders to work together focusing on a shared global vision which led to Toronto being viewed as one of the top 5 destinations to film in, work, eat, and play.”

  • Neishaw Ali, President and Executive Producer, Spin VFX