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Letter to Torontonians

Letter to Torontonians

I love this city. I love the people of Toronto and I love serving as Mayor. 

In 2014, I ran for mayor with a promise to bring people together to get some big things done to make Toronto a more livable, affordable and functional city for all.

In eight years as your Mayor, we have seen that Toronto must work with the federal government and the provincial government, regardless of political stripe, to actually get those big things done. Together, we’re building more than $28 billion of much-needed transit, addressing the real problems of homelessness, substance abuse and mental health, and building more walkable areas, more cycling infrastructure, more parks, and more green spaces. We’ve made some significant progress making Toronto a more livable city, but more remains to be done.

Most cities in the Toronto area have raised their property taxes by 5%, 6% and even 7% per year over the last few years to be able to keep up.  In Toronto, we haven’t done that. Rather, through sound financial management, we’ve worked hard to keep property taxes low while still investing in areas that need it the most.

Now, after two years of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, Toronto faces new and big challenges. Some of you lost a loved one, lost your job or your businesses, or lost your continued education. Many people have experienced impacts on their mental health. These stories are heart breaking, and they are real.

As a city, we are facing a significant increase in inflation and the cost of living continues to rise very sharply for Torontonians. Combined with the potential belt tightening from the federal and provincial governments, I am very concerned that Toronto could lose ground after all of the progress we have made.  

That is why I’m running to be your mayor for another four years. I want to continue working to make sure those who have lost so much over the last two years get the support they need and can be confident in playing a full and satisfying role in a strong recovery. I want to keep attracting new businesses, new jobs, and new people from across Canada and around the world. I want to continue to make the gains that led to our city booming pre-pandemic which, in turn, has helped us emerge stronger from the pandemic itself.  

Toronto and all cities are facing challenging times ahead. Successfully addressing the issues we face as a city will require experienced leadership with a track record of working collaboratively with City Council and other governments to achieve real results for people. We need leadership that works now more than ever. It’s not the time to put at risk the progress we’ve made.

I want to keep working for you day in and day out. That’s what I’ve done every day as Mayor, including over the last two years confronting COVID-19 where I tried to provide strong, steady, competent leadership. 

I’m going to work just as hard to address the unfinished business and lead Toronto to a strong recovery. It’s not the time to put at risk the progress we’ve made. 

I need your help and support so, together, we can protect the gains we have made and make sure Toronto keeps coming back stronger than ever.

Thank you,

John Tory 


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